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 The JLA Crime Syndicate

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The JLA Crime Syndicate Empty
PostSubject: The JLA Crime Syndicate   The JLA Crime Syndicate I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 10:46 am

I was wondering where I could get
A copy  of the graphic novel crisis 
On 2 worlds 

And is there a Marvel version of that
Story featuring The evil versions of
The Avengers? perhaps They would be
Called The Revengers
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PostSubject: Re: The JLA Crime Syndicate   The JLA Crime Syndicate I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2013 3:17 pm

What if there was a marvel version of the Crime Syndicate

On this earth 2
Germany has won the final Battle of Normandy
and took over the world

Captain America and Bucky were lost at sea after they
detonated the bomb on the plane which was heading to
NYC with a new kind of hydrogen-Nuclear hybrid bomb
The Avengers on that world Called the Revengers
have forced the world's superheroes underground

They find Captain America's body but when he is finally out
of his coma he is wearing a red and black version of his own outfit
as Admrial America

Leading the newly formed Revengers

Termite Man Hank Pym
Hornet Janet Van Dyne
Gamma Man Bruce Banner
Metal Man
and Loki

Arachno-Man Peter Parker
is a super geinus Working for the Nazis
who convinced him that the Americans tortured
and killed his parents and his Aunt May and Uncle Ben

The X-Team is consisting of

Marvel Phoenix
and Blizzardman

The Frightful 4
Consisting of
Mr Frightful
Invisable Gal

The Good Guys

The Brotherhood of good mutants



Silver Witch


Mister Mime

The Resisters

White Skull

Straight bones

The Grey Goblin

The Mammoth

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The JLA Crime Syndicate
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