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 English to Spanish Translations

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PostSubject: English to Spanish Translations   Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:26 pm

Many times when you translate a phrase from English to Spanish, the literal translation may have a different meaning or may not be the correct way of saying the phrase in Spanish. We hope that these lists of the most popular Spanish phrases and Spanish words translated into English will be useful for beginning speakers of Spanish and help to avoid "dictionary Spanish" faux pas.


Hi / Hello = Hola
Goodbye = Adios
Good Morning = Buenas Días
Good Afternoon = Buenas Tardes
Good Evening = Buenas Noches

Thank you = Gracias
Thank you very much = Muchas gracias
You're welcome = De nada

Yes = Si
No = No


0= Cero
1= Uno
2= Dos
3= Tres
4= Cuatro
5= Cinco
6= Seis
7= Siete
8= Ocho
9= Nueve
10= Diez

11= Once
12= Doce
13= Trece
14= Catorce
15= Quince
16= Dieciséis
17= Diecisiete
18= Dieciocho
19= Diecinueve
20= Veinte
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English to Spanish Translations
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