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 Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing

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PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:58 pm

Religious Views: Atheist; I have a lot of difficulty believing in any deity. I don't really like religion; I personally feel it obscures reality; to me religions are systems people create to help them better understand the world they live in. I don't like religion because I fear that perhaps none of them are true, and that I should find my own path, which is where philosophy and politics come in.

Philosophy: Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics. Utilitarianism says we should do those things that maximize the "good" in the world, whether that good is understood to be happiness, well being, or some other important facet of life. Virtue Ethics changes the focus from actions to actors, describing the chareteristics of a good or virtuous person and then taking what such a person would do as a basis for virtuous action. I don't care about the consequences of those who commit wrong; I think they create their own hell in time and will bring upon them ownselves what they deserve. I don't feel it's my place to punish the guilty or give anyone what they deserve; I'm actually pretty "unjust" in that I don't often give a deserved response. Some one may deserve to have the pulp beaten out of them but I don't. Some people may not deserve my respect, but I give it to them anyway. I think treating criminals like scum is a bad idea. I like making friends with criminals and turning their lives around. Our countries jails and prisons are too full, we can't just put that band aid on it anymore. I want to make changes, not provide temporary fixes. It takes a lot more time though, not as exciting and adventurous perhaps, but it'samazing when finally you've molded a former criminal into a productive member of society. I couldn't do much on my own, but imagine if others did, so the biggest thing I do, is I do my best to be a rolemodel, a standard bearer. I work on introducing a new type of superhero, and "the superhero" itself is also a very "philosophic" area for me, but I'm still pondering it and haven't figured it out yet so stay tuned for mor eon that haha.

Politics: I'm either an Anarchist or a Libertarian. I want to be Libnertarian, but in the news it seems as if very few of the leaders of our world know what they're doing anyways which is when I go to the mind frame "screw it, I'm just gonna look out for myself and Uncle Sam can just go burn for all I care.....I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Alaska; we don't need government here haha. Government is something I either hear about on TV or at work. Up until like a few months in I didn't even know that I was working for the Government; I didn't know firefighting was a federal job. So....I take that back. I do need a little bit of Uncle Sam because I like my job haha. So I'm Anarchist-Leading Libertarian. I basically believe in "mind your own business/stay out of my business." You know? Like why's it so difficult for people to just mind their own business, but the world; your neighbors, your leaders, the cab driver; they're all crazy, getting in everyone elses's busness? You know what we should do about Syria? Mind our own business! Why? Because some really big guys are behind that crazy guy and we could spike a nother world war. But no, the president now feels "obligated" to "rettaliate" on someothing that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US!

Switzerland aint havin' any troubles! I think they got a good system going there with the whole minding their own business thing. It keeps you out of trouble and safe. It's smart. WHich is why in public I just keep my mouth shut all the time, and I NEVER get in any trouble with anyone. It's amazing how much conflict can be prevented by just minding your own business.

I believe in a days work for a days pay, I don't like paying taxes, but I can understand how a little is necessarry but they don't have to go all yippie kaya on it or anything.

Oh, and I don't believe in Victimless Crimes or "Crimes" that shouldn't be crimes, because we can resolve it but are just too lazy so we tack another law up. Such as Drug Abuse, Prostitution, Having a Gun, (unless your a former psychopath charged with a gun crime, then I feel it's okay to take guns away; when the person refused to use it safely, and responsibly and without having to, then I feel they should have their guns taken away, but for the most part, I feel just about everyone on earth should have a gun, because I am certain if everyone, or at least every other one had a gun, a lot of problems would be solved, or simply wouldn't even begin in the first place. Simply carrying a gun on your hip (open carry; it's always best if everyone around you can see that your armed and dangerous) can deter violence. Just it's presence. You don't even have to take it out, that's how powerful it is. Why? Simple. people are afraid of getting killed.

All in all.....I'm a pretty good guy. Weird...slightly mentally ill....a bit alternative. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:36 am

Hero Man,

Very interesting. And I'd read about Utilitarianism in the Batman & Watchmen Philosophy books. It was too associated with Consequentialism. Not necessarily the same thing. BUT, when they referred to Ozymandias' actions at the end of Watchmen, it was referred to as Consequentialism because it focused more on the merit of the consequence rather the action. But it was also referred to as Utilitarianism because it focused less on those who have suffered, as long as the maximum amount of people were saved. He didn't mind killing a million people, to save a billion. Because he viewed the merit on "helping more people". As for me, I wouldn't consider it in my code of ethics to kill a million to save a billion. Granted to be honest that could count who, possibly. Like if in a War. Us versus our enemy. It could be different but even then there's a lot more to consider. But if in general, based on pure numbers, I wouldn't want to kill a million to save a billion. Because then I wouldn't look at it as saving that billion, I would look at it as, I killed those million. If they all died anyway, I wouldn't be responsible for it.

Kind of like Batman, in one of the examples, had to make a decision to save one out of two people's life. He had to make a choice which one to save. He didn't make a decision because once he made the decision of which one to save, he then became responsible for the death of the other one. Granted, it didn't happen like that in The Dark Knight, BUT it DID use that example in the Philosophy book for Batman. So again, lots of things to consider for the ethics, and also the emotions that can fuel the ethics, or vice versa.

As for hating religion. You're looking at it as religion purely in the sense of system to system, that you dislike. But you yourself have your religious beliefs. Even if you have no religious beliefs, that itself is a religious belief because it's what it is in reference to your religious affiliation. A belief of or in something or someone is still a belief that you have, even if it is no belief at all in it.

Religious views vary from religion to religion, but they also vary in their perceptions, and feelings, from individual to individual. And how our beliefs affect us mold the kind of people we are, and beliefs we have even with politics, and philosophy.
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PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:53 am

I've only skimmed this thread. Religion and politics don't interest me a whole lot. Especially not in RLSH scope. But Tothian asked me to give my input, so here it is.

I understand both Tothian and Geist perfectly though. It's easy to see it from both points of views.

I understand how Tothians religion is such a big part of his personality that it affects the Tothian character, and therefor impossible to separate from his RLSH life (which in his case is pretty much also his life in general).
But I also understand the views Geists have, probably mostly because I share them with him.

This whole RLSH stuff is not much different than any other "club", be it karate lessons or a sewing club. You go there to learn karate, or to sew something. You do not go to karate lessons to hear bible quotes. You do not go to your sewing club to listen to preaching.
A RLSH forum is no different in my opinion.

Of course any one can make a RLSH forum. Christian or Muslim or Buddhist. But if the Muslim creates a section called The Mosque in his RLSH forum, he probably wouldn't attract a whole lot of Christian RLSH.

As I said, I understand Tothians views, but I have to admit I still don't feel a RLSH board should have a subsection about a certain religion. Being RLSH and being religious is two different things and they shouldn't be mixed.
I can tell you that I'll never even look in the Church section. I'm interested in RLSH stuff. That's why I come here. I'm not interested in religious stuff. (Nor political stuff).

My two cents.
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PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:33 pm

As a lot of people probably already know, my beliefs are more geared towards Paganism. The more modern Paganism though of course, not the slaughtering / sacrificing animals thing. Before I got into the Black Metal scene in my musical peer group, I was mostly just agnostic. Most of my family is solidly Christian however.

As for Politics, I'm not sure where I stand because I haven't put much research into political parties and who stands for what. I used to vote NDP because my Dad thought they were good, but then I kinda just stopped voting. I may eventually get more into it later. Right now my plate's pretty full.

I think Philosophy goes pretty hand-in-hand with being your RLSH self. Your general thoughts on humanity and the way things should be etc doesn't normally change when I take off the gear and uniform. In my civilian clothing I still am in "Patrol Mode" and am concerned with everyone's safety and helping people where they may be in need of it.

I don't think I have anything controversial to add this time around :-P Religion is based on faith, not facts. Therefore not needing any "Solid Proof" of one's God's existence. Etc. *Shrugs*
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PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:00 am


Thank you for your adding your thoughts on this! As far as a forum having a section on something like that, I wouldn't be offended unless it was a religion that focused on something actually evil, and by that I'm not talking grey areas, I'm talking the obviously evil stuff that I don't even need to say. But it would only be a place of information, self-expression for those who ARE interested but NOT for those who aren't interested. Since there's no set standard that anyone in this community can say "This isn't allowed to mix" - people are entitled to their opinions. The HN Church would only be a place of information for those who seek it, a place to discuss it for those who ARE interested in it. A place for those who seek answers and information, and sometimes even spiritual guidance that they might be more comfortable talking about with a fellow RLSH than it would a civilian who isn't part of this community.

Even using the example you spoke about with the karate stuff. You go there to learn karate. BUT, different martial arts schools usually have different classes for a different type of martial art, or sometimes a particular martial arts weapon.

What this is, is merely an act of self-expression, and sharing information in a place to discuss a particular subject that is both interesting and what some DO consider to be a very relevant part of their patrols. Some do like to pray before and after a patrol. Some do offer prayers to those they encounter on patrols for those who need it - it doesn't divide people who are generally accepting anyway, but rather it's just an extra way to unite people even closer.

My personal belief is that without God, then evil can more easily come in. What is bad can be seen as good, and what is good can be seen as bad. Do I intend to force that belief on you or hate you if you disagree? No. I just value my freedom to be able to openly discuss this.

There is no one way to define, black and white, "an RLSH is this" or "an RLSH is that" because you might in fact find someone's perception to be disagreeing.

The Heroes Network is a place where we all get to know each other and to teach, learn, and discuss things. That's what brings people closer. It isn't forcing someone to keep it separate. For some who believe it should be kept separate, I do understand their reasons for that too. But the idea is that I believe saying someone shouldn't talk about it is just as bad as forcing religion on someone.

To put more emphasis on discussions that people would rather talk about, if it is something separate, then simply talk about that on here more too.


Philosophy is loosely affiliated with Religion & Politics. And Philosophy itself does have to do with our code of ethics, and moral codes, and our goals and methods.

I sort of like the idea of faith not facts. Then again, faith in facts is what I would say I'm more about, BUT the emphasis you speak of, I can understand and respect that too, it does make a good point in a sense.
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President & Founder of the Heroes Network

Posts : 5860
Join date : 2011-10-12
Titles : Warrior, Protector, Christian Reverend, Philosopher, Strategist, Marine, Political Activist, Defender of Freedom
Mission : Destroy evil, Protect people, Save the world, Defend Freedom, Help the Real Life Superhero Community

PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:14 am

Also, I had some more thoughts about this thread and discussion. And as for C's example, like if someone goes to a karate class to learn karate, not religion.

I would agree, somewhat. You go to learn karate. However, there should be no rule to tell someone that they can't talk about their religion. People should be allowed to express it freely.

Also, I don't think it does anyone nor any religious belief any good by trying to force that on others. I could be somewhat hypocritical here since there are some evil religions I wouldn't be able to condone. But, these are my honest beliefs.

I'm a Warrior, Reverend, Philosopher, Political Activist, Strategist. These things interest me. They all go together as part of my system of beliefs. They all go together as part of my vision for the world and for the Heroes Network.

I sometimes wonder what I would be like if I didn't have any Christian beliefs, or, if I kept them separate from me as Tothian. Scary thought. Both for me and for others. I think I would be less forgiving, more judgmental, and more emphasis on strategy on getting what I want, with less emphasis my moral limitations that hold me back from getting what I want personally, lest I violate my systems of morals, ethics, and religious beliefs.

That isn't a pure justification for the exact reason why I'm not like what I was describing in the previous paragraph. It's just more of a guess, of what I could have possibly been like, I had not known what I know, and had not believed what I believe.

I think if your religious beliefs guide you to serve the greater good, rather than evil, then good.
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PostSubject: Re: Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing   

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Relevance of Religon, Politics, and Philosophy in your Hero'ing
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