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 An introduction for H.K. Midnight

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H.K. Midnight

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Join date : 2020-11-08
Location : Vancouver, BC
Mission : Safety Patrol, Helping people In need

An introduction for H.K. Midnight Empty
PostSubject: An introduction for H.K. Midnight   An introduction for H.K. Midnight I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2020 11:41 pm


My name is H.K. Midnight, a newer member to the RLSH community. I am based in Vancouver, where i do my patrols most of the time. Because a lot of people believe that a "superhero" must have superhuman powers, I usually go by Quirkless Hero as my title.

When i was younger, I was inspired by Phoenix Jones and wish to be like him. Later, I found out about other heroes like Thanatos and Life. I came to the realization that Phoenix Jones' way is not the only way of being a hero and started doing other kind of work.

Many years ago when i was 13, I was verbally harassed by a man around my area. Thinking back, if there was someone there who could have helped me, i would have felt much safer. I decide that i shall do that for other kids in my area.

I named myself H.K. Midnight because of the many nameless heroes in Hong Kong who have helped me in the past and I train/patrol at midnight around my area. My arsenal for patrols include a high impact flashlight (which is a great tool to stop suspicious activity as well as self defense) and a coiling dragon staff.

Anyways, I am glad to be here with the great people in this community.

H.K. Midnight

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An introduction for H.K. Midnight
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