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 Police for neighborhoods

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Hazop Ranger

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Police for neighborhoods Empty
PostSubject: Police for neighborhoods   Police for neighborhoods I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2019 3:09 am

I used the police to call in complaints on marijuana/cannabis smokers. It worked; they came and went to their door and inserted dread. I did it twice to that house. The second time they had beer and a basement party.

After that I've been calling the police to get my enemy-neighbors kids off my lawn, because if I fought him on the sidewalk [he lives right next door] then I thought I could have his children vacate my parents lawns. So they didn't get the idea to "like" my parents to see themselves get "power" because that's what they've ever been trying to do when they moved in. But it's just been solidarity parties; once a bouncey house outdoors.

My section of the neighborhood has next door to their house a day-care system, so parties can't get along over here. Especially not with me going to call the police on them. All those people ever did was try and amount "dirt" from anybody, anybody at all, to talk to the other neighbors about- but I live to close to them for them to go ahead and do that. So the gypsies actually have to keep a fake face on their whole time here, and now with this fat guy I fought next door in "poneglyph" state I wont ever let the neighborhood contend with the other neighborhoods. And all the first girls just finished High School too. Lucky me. But regardless I would.

When my other next-door neighbor had a party of some sort, perhaps a graduation party I called the police to prepare myself in getting rid of the cars in the straight road infront of my house. I told them I'd need room for my father and his mechanic-towing truck, and that one of the spaces was infact my own parking space. The police said I could park anywhere else and that if my father was in need of that he could call the police himself (if he didn't want to deal with the neighbor). With the realization that I can park anywhere in the neighborhood I think if I were to skateboard in the middle of the street (at my age of 27 now, before I always did anyhow) and some neighbor would yell to have me quit I can just call the police and take over the place as a G.I.JOE.; Just get muscular, keep a level headed head about things and make the first move- which is just only call the police. With that all I'd do from there is jog around the neighborhood (but I got my own sunny-grass path elsewhere) and ignoring them would be imperatively normal of me.

But I can not be a R.L.S.H. in this neighborhood it will ruin everything. I need to go to Chicago away from my county and pick up litter. Which is fine by me I'll do it at the coast.
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Police for neighborhoods
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