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 Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man

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PostSubject: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2014 7:56 pm

Hello, I'm Hero Man, and I am a firefighter operating out of Interior Alaska. I am both a wildland firefighter, as well as a volunteer firefighter, and have recently been promoted to the big leagues; Fire Investigations; as a detective my job is to determine the cause and point of origin of a fire and determine any culpribility.

This year I'm going to be furthering my EMS career, hoping to become an Emergency Medical Technician.

In addition to wildland, structural, and investigations I also hold training in Hazmat/WMD arenas; it doesn't really matter what's blowing up or burning down; I can handle it.

Thinking back, I've always been a hero; it's just who I am. In retrospect, my life growing up is practically a ready-made recipe for the making of a hero.

My father was a violent alcoholic, and my mother was highly neurotic; my sister was a manic drug addict. Me? I just tried to hold everything together and fix everything. I was always a really bright, athletic kid. My teachers adored me, I got excelent grades, and by the time I was eight years old I won a Presidential Fitness Award for setting records at my elementary school. I made the family look good; the poster boy so to speak.

One day, I was taken.

Black clad figures barged in through my bedroom door. They wrestled me for a long time but I was overcome; a black sack was thrown over my head and I was hauled outside, thrown into a van, and taken to an underground prison/lab for kids thousands of miles away from my home and family. For nearly four, long, agonizing years, I and many other kidnapped children were beaten, raped, drugged, shanked, tortured, and experimented on by mad scientists, unil one evening I decided to escape.

I became unusually obsessed with honing my mind, body, and emotions towards the peaks of perfection; scared to death, taking a solemn vow to never be a victim again. I delved into martial arts, military tactics, guerilla warfare, conbat shooting, voodoo, witchcraft, jedi mind tricks; you name it. Anything I could get my hands on to have an edge over others. I struggled with intense feelings of guilt and inadequacy, never felt good enough and always came up short, when in reality, I am so far ahead that I thought I was last.

After I returned to my home land, much had changed. My friends and family looked different, their voices had changed, new buildings had sprout up like chromosomes along the DNA of my city's streets. I would watch people everyday. Shopping for groceries, pushing their strollers, laughing, living, just being....what I once was.

I got heavy into drugs and alcohol; mad a lot of bad friends in low places and wandered the party scene drowing my sorrows and pretending everything was just fine, when inside I was dying all over again.

I learned the painstaking truth behind the words I heard so many times before. You can never go home again. Not truly.

I busted my ass taking back my life. I got a job after hitting rock bottom, and climbed my way back up.

The day I became a superhero for real had to have been about a year and a half ago, but before then I had been affiliated for quite a while, but I was a piping hot mess for obvious reasons.

One day with the help of other superheroes, i learned something new, something that horrified me and chills me to the bone to this day. the truth of who, and what I really am, the truth of what they were doing to us all those years ago in that godforsaken desert; the following is the jist of the reports:

Here is the following intel from Anyman and Leviathan.

"Most of the information you've provided checks out here too, as far as searching the internet goes, accusations of abuse, medical and psychiatric experimentation, implications of murder, misdiagnosis, and malpractice; before the old site shut down, did you get the information about the man/corporation in charge of the School? That individual, and his corporation, are in charge of medical and rehab facilities all over America and they seem to pull the same administrative practices at all of them. Namely hiring people with very loose background checks, if any at all; turning a blind eye to allegations of abuse and malpractice, doing whatever it takes to silence critics, especially when they have the money to buy people off or the expertise to coerce people into blindly following their every word.

The issue isn't just about them coming after you; you're going after some powerful people, with lots of money and experts to back them up. They can get to you, your family, and everyone connected to you or them."

I asked him to clarify more on the Man/Corp; assuming he was referring to Raff and the WWASPS, but I was wrong; he replied:

"The man was Alan B. Miller, head of the corporation in charge of the School, because of their track-record.

Kevin Raff apparently has a connection to the V.A. as well as the School. So does Alan.

The abuse and government connections seem to go hand in hand...mainly through the choice of Enforcers and the programs they institute."

I told Anyman more about what life at the School was like. They had words and phrases on the walls. "Shape a Child, Shape the Future" (the School's "motto". Words like Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Courage, Discipline, Diligence, etc. He replied:

"They do the same thing in Army Barracks. They post various phrases on the walls and expect recruits to read them on their way up and down the stairs, "Hydrate or die." Fall down seven times, stand up eight." Considering the P.T. [Physical Training] you--and the site--described, it really is starting to look more and more like some kind of military indoctrination camp...

Something about all this is just screaming about a deeper conspiracy....one that goes beyond even a governmental program. Not saying it's anything on the level of the Bilderberg Group,but maybe more on the level of Jekyll Island when they first talked about instituting the Federal Reserve.

A lot of elitists have an invested interest both in government and in business, and it would do them a lot of good to have a fighting force they can call into action with a buzzword or catch-phrase.

This also brings to mind all the recent incidents of shootings in public areas for no discernible reason. The only logical conclusion is that the shooters were programmed to kill...perhaps they were earlier experiments, who were trained in a different direction?

You, or someone else, mentioned some secret government projects; Stargate, MK-Ultra, etc. Not like elitists haven't bred child soldiers before..."

A while back; long time ago actually; this was on the old site; RLSH.ORG, Leviathan did a full background check on me to proove me a fraud; instead what he found was that I was telling the truth. He also found more than that; things I was unaware of. That's right about when this all started, when I began to discover that the situation was more sinister than I had previously imagined. Leviathan and I became good friends to the surprise of many; he was one of the most vocal against me back then, but then he told me I "was the dead horse that made him shudder." (as in he was beating a dead horse). He relayed the following intel not to me, but the entire community; in public.

"After a lot of tracking down court records, a bit of social engineering, and a lot of heavy paperwork, I was able to prove 90% of what John stated.

Plus I found out that the School was partially subsidized by the DOD and run by one of it's former top generals for the sole purpose of creating a "mindsoldier".

Instead of needing guns to kill the enemy, one or two of these "mindsoldiers" would be let loose in a theater of operations to either mess with the enemy mentally or turn them all into drooling morons, thus letting the clean up guys come in.

The name of the coordinator and DOD lackey was named Kevin Raff.

His previous work was with Avatar INC. another DOD seed program, for amongst other things, spying and surveillance.

Mr. Raff was, in no small part, in charge of mining talent and setting up the mindsoldier program.

Now you have to ask yourself why a DOD dick working in spying and surveillance is suddenly so interested in helping bad kids?"

I could sense that he wasn't telling me everything. I pushed for more, and learned that I was right, he was holding out on me about something. He replied:

"I got the first message; kind of concerned as to what you'll do with the information once you have it...

Most of it I was able to pick up online from publicly accessible databases, (Court Records, Police Blotters, etc), one page through FOIA Filing, the rest through some social engineering, (Phone calls, eyewitness testimony from a former "student".

I'm thinking a C2C or Alex Jones impromptu interview might help expose this to the public further."

And so I stand here today, nineteen years young, lot of juju under my belt, cape flapping in the wind, contemplating on what the hell I can do to stop these evil, evil people. Big changes coming. I don't know how yet for sure, but I can feel it. Things are building to an apex, and a part of me is scared, as though I'm on the edge of an abyss staring off into space far beyond where anyone can guide me anymore. I've been striggling to fit into two different world and the truth is I don't belong to either one of them. I'm....something else.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2014 10:17 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2014 3:03 pm

I'm back. What's new? Thanks AA, that's refreshing.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2014 3:16 pm

May be more to my story, can't be sure yet though, I have to visit a bunch of folks and crossreference their data after determining their reliability.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 19, 2014 2:36 am

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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2014 2:38 am

I have to find some people. A hypnotherapist, a clairvoyant, and a couple of authors. Karen told my mother I was an alien years ago, mom told me after she looked into it and found she was one too, then I learned more about our alleged alien history here on earth, I'm starting to understand how my powers work more clearly, but it scares me a little....I learned that I can do virtually anything. Anything imaginable. Flying, teleportation, materialisations, mind reading, pyrokinesis, healing any disease or injury virtually instantly/regeneration, bilocation, true invisibility, invulnerabiity (as in bulletproof), immortality, anything at all. I have to be sure of the things I've been seeing and hearing. In some ways learning what I'm actually capable of was more fascinating and interesting than scary, seeing so clearly the how and why of it all, but it's scaring me the more I think about it, a part of me is worried that these could be the end times (not the biblical kind; I don't believe in that stuff), but that maybe mom and Karen were right about my being sent here for a reason; first thing I'm doing when I go intergalactic is finding out the full story of the events leading up to incarnating into a human bloodline. Maybe they were right about what happened in Utah being predetermined to prepare me for a greater purpose in life. But I don't know if I want it; the more I think about it the more of a burden it looks like, but then I look at the world. Everytime I flip on the news there's disaster and crisis, and now a terrorist attack on a neighboring government right next door, how long is it before they come here, unless Ebola gets them first. I've been feeling as if things have been leading to a climax, that calm before the storm, the sudden stop in the roaring of the wind on the fireline. I know what I'm capable of if I can just break through the fears and barriars keeping me from embracing it and doing what has to be done; I assume I'll know when I get to the level I can Jump time and space. It's pretty simple physics; the hard part is getting out of my own way.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man   Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man I_icon_minitime

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Rebirth: The Return of Hero Man
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