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 Weird Laws in our areas

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PostSubject: Weird Laws in our areas   Fri May 18, 2012 2:45 pm

In Iqaluit It is against the law to drive a skidoo down the roads however they are allowed to drive on the sidewalks if they are driving while facing incomming traffic

It is also against the law for a pedestrian to hold up block or cut off an incomming skidoo The pedestrian must move out of the way and let the skidoo go by even if it means to try and climb a snowbank or walk out in front of other traffic on the roads

It is against the law to drive into the parking lot you must instead back in and park between the wooden posts (Try to do this durring rush hour

It is unlawful to drive around potholes you must drive through them Its best to slow down first if you want the car to remain intact

It is unlawful to drive around mudpuddles Even if you splash a pedestrian you must still drive through the puddles

It is unlawful for registered dangerous offenders to be released into any other community other than Iqaluit However people in Iqaluit dont have to be notified when or if such a person is comming to town

It is against the law to unplug the neighbour's car even if he is plugged into your outlet and costing you a higher power bill

It is against the law to stop the car to pick up any pieces that have fallen off while driving through mudpuddles lakes and potholes

What I mean by lakes is potholes filled with water durring the spring melt or after it rains Some of theese lakes could also be called Bathtubs
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PostSubject: Re: Weird Laws in our areas   Sat May 19, 2012 6:09 am

These are very interesting to read about. I don't think they're ever enforced but supposedly would cost these municipalities more money or that it would be a lot of paperwork in order to change or remove the laws.
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Weird Laws in our areas
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