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 Causes of Crime

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President & Founder of the Heroes Network

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PostSubject: Causes of Crime   Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:01 am

I'm more of a believer in the integrated theories. I try not to believe only one theory is the root of all crime, because for each cause, you will find loopholes in it, and other evidence to contradict it. What I try to look at, are multiple theories, and then see how they each go together, contributing to each other, and proving the truth of each other existing.

One of them is the Broken Windows Theory, that's one that I feel applies to various other subjects in life, not just criminology. Then again, criminology can also apply to any other subject out there as well. The idea of it, is that the more something happens, the more WILL happen. This goes for both society as a whole, and also the individual. The more of those lots of little crimes that people feel that they can get away with, the more likely they will eventually feel as though they can get away with committing worse crimes. The more people see others get away with crimes, the more likely that they too will believe that they can get away with, as well.

Risk versus reward. Some people act off emotion, and seek excitement. And some choose to weigh the pro's and con's of:

A- How likely they are to get caught,


B- Is the threat of the likely punishment worth it?

The less likely they are to get away with it, and the more extreme the crime, the less likely the person is to engage in criminal behavior.

Two other important factors have to do with diet, and education. People with unhealthy diets lack the nutrients that help the brain function properly, which helps affect their emotions, psychological well being, and good judgment. And people with better education are not only smarter and less likely to engage in criminal behavior, but are also left with better opportunities in life, that leave them less likely to want to engage in criminal behavior. And kids who are in school, if they have more after school programs to attend to, and spend time with their families, that makes them a lot less likely to engage in criminal behavior.

Labeling Theory. If a person is labeled a criminal or a felon, they are left with less opportunities. Sure, the threat of becoming that and the less opportunities provided to a person who is labeled that might make a person not want to engage in criminal behavior, due to the threat of that happening to them, but, once it happens, a person has less opportunities, which would again make them more likely to engage in criminal behavior again. They feel that they have less to lose.

These are some of the theories that are believed to lead certain people or groups of people toward criminal behavior and activities.
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PostSubject: Re: Causes of Crime   Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:35 pm

Alot of crimes are caused by over endulging on drugs Alcohol and a greed for power or money to by more drugs and booze

This includes violent crimes such as murder kidnapping rape and even terrorist activities

Other crimes are caused by drinking and drugs however they are not always motivated by greed for money or power Theese would be the causes of child molestation and rape Spousal abuse Physical abuse including torture and even murder

90% of the crimes in Iqaluit are done by people who were drunk or looking for drugs When caught they end up in court about 90% of them tell the judge "I was drunk and I must have blacked out because I dont remember doing that to him/her"

Other crimes such as shoplifting and vandalisim is a result of boredom Often because The adult doesnt have a job and is bored to death Which is also what can lead to deppression and eventually suicide Alot of the times kids steal because their parents are too busy gambling partying drinking or whatever to feed their kids or they gambled all their money away so they are left with nothing to feed the kids
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President & Founder of the Heroes Network
President & Founder of the Heroes Network

Posts : 5865
Join date : 2011-10-12
Titles : Warrior, Protector, Christian Reverend, Philosopher, Strategist, Marine, Political Activist, Defender of Freedom
Mission : Destroy evil, Protect people, Save the world, Defend Freedom, Help the Real Life Superhero Community

PostSubject: Re: Causes of Crime   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:40 pm


I don't know if you have this there in Canada as much as the United States of America has it, but, the American Dream is this American idea that each person's goal is to be successful, and things more like that. And, that does create a greedier culture. More-so focused on promoting "self" above promoting heroic ideals.

Also, the media does have a lot of influence. There are 2 things that are likely to get people's attention quicker than anything, and entertain people more. Things that have to do with Sex, and Violence. People often ignore or don't pay attention to more positive things. If there are 2 magazines, one focused on something positive, and one focused on something negative. People are more likely to focus on the negative thing. Studies have indicated that people are 7 times more likely to remember a negative memory than they would a positive memory.

Ways to change this? Be that positive light in a dark, negative environment. The media does have an influence over people, and influence starts early. How people are raised can mold them in to the people they will become. Opportunities, and positive goals to reach. Don't glorify negativity. Condemn negative actions, not the negative people. People are always likely to view themselves as the good guy, so condemning the person can make the good guy appear to be a bad guy in the eyes of the negative person. Must let people know that a positive society is what should be sought after. But if all fails, make sure person who does wrong things can at least be aware that doing wrong things is something they should feel bad about. I'm just thinking out loud here. I admit that not all of what I'm saying in this post is the criminological science, but it is the thoughts that contributes to it. So, some of it is.

People must first admit problems. Then define the source of the problem, then seek to fix it from the source it starts from. Where that source comes from, just look at those causes of crime, then go from there.

Each individual can become the change they wish to see in the world, so don't be afraid of being that light in a dark world, for fear of being overshadowed by it. Leaders are formed from not being afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Anyway, as to more of the criminological part of this, to sum up, change culture, how the youth are molded will be an indicator of future standards and culture, glorify positivity, condemn negativity, Broken Windows Theory - the littlest changes you make, will continue to break more windows, which will weaken the rest of the window that will lead to more shattering. Just keep breaking those theoretical windows.
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PostSubject: Re: Causes of Crime   Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:04 pm

Yeah there are alot of sex ads in Canada same with earn more money ads all over the local channels and kids are getting into watching movies that are becomming more graphic and violent in nature When Im on tv I try to keep it toned down to a family level knowing that the show Im on is designed for sesameestreet age kids I think Showstopper has a pic I shared with her featuring myself live on stage with the Teletubbies Blue Clues Clifford the big read dog and Aurthur Read That was an event that took place here durring the Toonik Tyme spring festival in mid April a few years ago I have scince then been seen with Tom Jackson Fred Penner Rick Mercer Jonothan Torrens and a host of other children's entertainers Heck I even had Mr Dressup show up at my birthday party when I was 18 and I made Ed The Sock tone down his act and put out his cigar when he was filmed on tv with me There is another children's Entertainer who is a very good friend of mine Called Ish The Fish He was here on Canada day back in 2009 and before that in spring of 1999 when we first met He does all kinds of music for kids
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PostSubject: Re: Causes of Crime   Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:54 am

I agree with what u said about the integrated-theories
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PostSubject: Re: Causes of Crime   

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Causes of Crime
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