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 Working on kicking-out my neighbors(heretics)

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Working on kicking-out my neighbors(heretics) Empty
PostSubject: Working on kicking-out my neighbors(heretics)   Working on kicking-out my neighbors(heretics) I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2019 9:40 pm

... I tried to be a better neighbor. Disprove the rumors or atleast have them (the neighbors) abandon talking about me when that period is pathetic.

He actually got in my way on the sidewalk and wouldn't move aside. I walked silently around him and he said clearly "That's what I thought." So I stopped, turned to this big fat guy (yogi bear) and confronted him about it. he got to close and probably thought I'd back up, maybe trip and stumble on my heels and get up awkwardly- then have the idea to go get the police. I instead beat him up- I struck his face and he leaped a good 4 feet back and before he could regain his composure I was already there hitting him with the same right fist back into the same location of his face. He then was falling backwards or something, it was sort of berserking, but he was like hopping on his tippy toes trying to hit graze me franticly with his one arm. He swung that limb about 10 times within 3 seconds- so I just blocked it with my right arm and gave him a mean jab with my left. If it was any other kind of opponent I'd be winning, but hilariously he fell over ontop of me.

I then resorted to cover my head with my arms- his one arm kept swinging. I got him off me by telling him my arm was getting numb with overblood- he ablidged and got off me (what an idiot). He pointed his finger and said "stay on the ground" though as he walked away, to group up with the other next-door neighbors. I noticed he got off his property. Clearly this fat slob of a male needs to wear suits to remember where he is. I got up and started to maraud towards the group; I wanted to state my case correctly without the group saying whatever.

I got some community service and a no contact order. I left him alone for that year.

The neighbors though thought they had something of a harvest out of him and tried yelling stuff out of their vehicles and driving off (they were like 70 years old) so I called the police and they took care of it.

The fat neighbor after the year thought he could walk on my property afterwards. I called the police and they just dragged it on and on to thepolice until finally saying that they were playing with their 4 children worked. They've done this several noise complaints, they're enclosed between a fenced house (the yellers) and my house that has a public pipe under neath it to the irrigation lake behind our houses. I can't have a fence- and there's a giant cinderblock wall as a divider for the other houses in the neighborhood. I don't get why he just won't go to the park and play there. He puts up football try-out signs during thanksgiving fo rthose areas and doesn't even show up. Is this guy really that fat? Then I saw him have a warehouse smock one day buttoning it up in the morning. Yes, yes he is.

Those yellers tried to play golf in the block. They hit a golf ball into my yard and one across the street- police came. I've never seen such bewilderment.

Last time I called the police because I heard voices outside my window and saw the slob daintily try and hit a moving car in the street with a Frisbee. So I went to my bathroom, second floor, to see if he was passing it specifically to his children on my lawn. He was. So the police came. The usual, but brand new police, it can't get unicorporated- otherwise I think the same police would have returned. These were brand new. The neighbors brought up "harassment" from their location (clearly they were never helped in school) and as one officer was talking to them and the other guided me to my front door the slob was bellowing all the rumors he heard about me. (From burning a tree down[I was playing with matches on the side of my house next to my oriental neighbor John- it was his bush(it was in it's own circular placement) I felt relaxed and my parents drink alcohol so I was wondering how powerful matches were in fact. {Quite powerful, it startled me and I jutted them out of my palms into that bush accidentally. The firetruck came and cleaned it up] and some other rumors that I vaguely understood. A decade has passed and I stuck to one group of people- I left that group to journey onwards because they were going nowhere. They may have quit drugs finally, but that's no reason to return. I'm content with my sobriety.

But the slob ignored the police officer. And started yelling in my direction like the police didn't matter- so I went back inside and went back to RuneScape.

My parents chose to not be on my side that day. It's okay, I am just protecting our house. He's an important man and needs to stay proactive, he owns his own mechanic business and has a lot of valued customers. I intend to get a motorcycle mechanic license to help him with where he falls short.

So for the time being I'm going to hold back from my 4 year interest and just pay attention to the neighborhood itself. Some of the other neighbors do waddle to his cause to snoop themselves. Some even drive by and "sit" in the street to evedrop back. This neighborhood is whelpy.

Very nice neighborhood though. A lot of girls and merriment- but all of those intruders are doing bonfires on their driveways at night and hollering jeering. I'm not going to go commando and call the police on them their dogs walk without leashes. That's gotta account for something.

So, let's see what 3-5 years does without me being picked on by those savages.
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Working on kicking-out my neighbors(heretics)
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