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PostSubject: RuneScape.   Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:27 am

There is a online game out on the internet browsers called RuneScape.
It's the largest FREE MMORPG.
(knights/warriors/pirates/mercenaries/banditos/rogues, wizards/sorceress/mages/warlocks, rangers/archers/bowmen/crossbowmen/sentries/guardians and stuff like that)
It has it all. There are even quests if you even want to get better gear within the game. It by no means ends the game they're there too because they figured out how to incorporate them without no end.
A great multitude of clothings/armor of all kinds, too.
Not one person is identical to the other- unless you want to be. It's not stupid having Rune Armor or Mystical Robes on. They're very effective for where they're at.
I wore a warriors helm. (one of 7 Viking styled helmets. It's got the widest horns.)
They all give stats to your combat skills: Which are Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged(because javalins, and ballistic crossbows, blowguns, darts, exploding chinchillas also are incorporated for ranged experience) Magic, and Prayer.
Your Constitution/Health Points is a skill also (you can train it with eclectic methods ingame none the less- if you want. It goes up anyways with the combat skills you train independently.)

Now training any of the skills independently from another doesn't slow you down. It's been built into the game to be trained in just that manor.
You can train just Strength to 60(max is 99) and then just Ranged next to whatever you want making you a Berserker styled Ranger.
(You can kill other players, too. There's  a no-mans land for it. Hah, to try your skills at someone who tries his or her skills back.)
OR you can train Magic and Prayer to 99 each and have gotten yourself 60 Attack just to be a cool mage with a Dragon Longsword in hand.
Attack is accuracy/ as well as what new types of weapons you can wield. All skills have items to be used in according with that skill or others and there are 30 skills to be had!
Like Thieving, Farming, Firemaking, RuneCrafting, Construction, Herblore, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Agility, Woodcutting, Slayer, Fletching and Crafting to name a few.

Did I mention it's a 3rd person fullscreen 3D no controller required game? All you need is a cursor(the arrow your mouse moves along the screen) click where you want to go and you'll see your character move to it.
You can only be human.
Female is an option.
and skin colors are available/default clothing/facial and hair styles are available with even colors up to purple. Light tones are incorporated, too.

And the chatbox is minimizable. The players' messages appear over head.
   Now then,
                    the reasons I bring this up my fellow heroes & denizens of the world. It has an immense chat system built into its foundation. You can type messages right away and the messages will pop over your avatars head. There is a chat box right to the bottom of the games screen.
You can move the screen around your character with the keyboards arrow keys to see your characters face (you can keep it like this all you want- you use just your cursor to get to areas after all) so the chatbox is no bother in actuality.
Your inventory space is the only other object on your screen away from your character. It holds your skills, your settings, your magic book, your equipment slot is separate from your inventory, emojis, a Friends List, a Clan Chat icon, an Ignore List all on it's own, your combat attack style- if it's a sword or something like that it'll generaly give you the option to choose a controlled stab, a slash a pummel, a chop excetra.
For good measure if it's a staff and you run out of runes your staff will start doing melee with one of those styles. Controlled can train strength and defence at the same time- slash just trains strength. Many possibilities, many possibilities.
The Ranged skill doesn't do melee experience though.

There are banks and you most definitely always run into another player playing the game as well(you can trade, too.) The chat box will collect your messages to peruse and proofread over and over if you wish.

Now the reason I bring up RuneScape is that it has a Friends system and a Clan System (the site can hold forums of a multiarray of what you want to talk about/bring up and the Game Moderators really do help you out and do festivities and upgrade the games with players input there.) You can have up to 100 Friends, all with a maximum of 12 character names. Mine is "Avenger 1992." Those capitals Do exist.
Numbers can too, as well as one worded names with independent capital letters within them ( for example "AfroSamurai")- if the name is taken you must find another one, or shorten it up excetra, excetra.

The Clan System allows you to have 500 Members. You can organize them with military styled ranks. smiley face is you just added them- recruit is a private symbol, corporal is two private symbols, sergeant is 3 then come the 3 officers - Lt, Captain, General.(RuneScape 3 has clans expanded- with Clan Citadels & ranks such as Event Organiser)
With special mechanics for the chat box. Clans have the Slash bar "/" before every sentence.
Friends get private messages shown just right above the chatbox itself in transparent symmetry to the chatbox. It's niiice.

[There's also a reporting system by right-click of the mouse. Just cursor over the player, type in their name and find the reason why they got reported.
You can make demi-Mod that way. have a lil white crown with an M in it beside your name for the chatbox.
You'll also have your own place within the sites forums- it's some sort of headquarters for demi-moderators.
Players are called Player Moderators in this area of the game and the actual creators of the game are Jagex Moderators. They'll have a golden crown.
Jagex is the system keeping the whole game functioning. It's somewhere in Great Britain.]
[RuneScape 3 can also be a bit powerful thanks to it's awesome graphics (hence Old School) - but it has many functions to help you play the game regardless- Minimum, Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Custom]

Here is a photo of me on RuneScape 3 doing the Minimum option.

We can stay in GOOD COMMUNICATION with one another.
and have a stupendous amount of good time between missions if our minds and hearts ever get to heavy with burdens we have a safety net.

It has Guilds already set up through out the land as well as minigames and bosses.
Not to mention the barrs

The game can be made member. Although it isn't mandatory.
I just wanted the chat system recognized.
With the way that it is.
It's just $5.00 a month by credit card or you can just go buy a prepaid card for $10.00 for a months subscription that will turn off after 30 days making you a Free 2 Player again on the Free Section of the game.
 or the $20.00 3month card. The other 70% is member areas.
And members use the F2P areas frequently none the less, trust me.
There are even capes! Separable hoods, too.

These are the links to the Three Game Types. You may have to download the game if you want to play on a bigger screen.
Just do it anyways it works universally for all 3 formats.

This is the Game that has never backed down from its upgrades of combat. RuneScape THREE.

This is the perfect Game. Runescape TWO.

Here is RuneScape ONE.
RuneScape 1 aka "Classic" has no Clan mode.

Now there are 3 RuneScapes.
There is the original that started out as Classic, Became RuneScape2(OldSchool) and the now RuneScape 3.
It's the one that has never settled down and slowly moves forward through the ages with upgrades new combat systems and the like. It's a good game I never quit while it was evolving (many players quit when the no-mans land was getting reworked and stuff before it became officially RuneScape 3)
It has dual wielding now. Guns don't get incorporated- we fight monsters after all. From goblins to hill giants, to dungeons with hundreds of dragons, to paladins/bandits/rogues/muggers (that really do try and mug you- and there are other monsters that attack you straight up, too) to warrior women, and thousands of other types of things... Giant spiders, poison spiders, deadly red spiders, shadow holy fuck there is a lot of things. Even non killable things like playful squirrels exist... you can catch butterflies, and flying birds with snares with that Hunter skill... it's a dynamic game of wonderful proportions.
[that goes for all three Game Types]
There's OldSchool (which is RuneScape 2 before all the upgrades and brought back how the game was originally- hoping to bring back the player population that it used to be at. Like 3million.) That's what I'm playing now. My account had to start over to give the 3 systems their own place on the one site(you make multiple accounts if you wish- just switching from one system to the next you will generally start over anyways. it's always fun, hence the different types of player killers for nomans land and the different sorts of adventurers possible as I said in the beginning.)

and RuneScape Classic. The first installment. it's in a 3D 2D effect. Same mechanics as the others but it really has a 2D feel- but the monsters still move around on their own. and the inventory and equipment areas of the game is all in one method.
Still have banks.
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