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 Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become

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PostSubject: Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become   Fri May 17, 2013 3:36 am

So I got this book and a section really stood out for me, "The Nature of Indigo Souls". It's long, but I saw myself on the pages and it was so freakily similiar I felt it'd be fun to put it up because none of it is asubtle at all; guarentee those who know me fairly well will see a freaky resemblence; it really struck a chord.

The nature of indigo souls comprise of eight categories, we'll discuss the first here; the following is an exerpt from the book.


Probably one of the most fundamental qaulities of Indigo Souls is freedom. You are connected to an inner voice and a rythym of being.You have a strong sense of yourself and who you are. This makes it difficult for you to listen to what you are told to d or "should" do. You are attuned to this inner life and follow it more easily than you do the outer voices of society or the voices of those around you. Consequently, in many respects you could be called "Rebellious Spirits". It is not that you are actively in rebellion for rebellion's sake; it is more that you do not want to follow something that limits life. There is a strong awareness in you if you are being controlled, limited, or pressured from the outside. And if you are, you will fight against it.

That fight in you is interesting. It may take the form of outer rebellion or an adamant assertion of no, even if on the outside you are saying yes. The first type, the obvious no-sayers, often get stuck in this rebellion and can spend a lot of energy fighting for their "rights," their boundaries, or whatever just cause is within their field of focus. If you fall in this category, your teaching is to learn flexibility, putting yourself to the side sometimes and learning to compromise in a balanced way. From an energetic level, you need to bring your heart chakra into more activity relationship with the world around you, and "tone down" your solar plexus. This is not so easy to do because much of your identity comes from standing against something or standing for something else.
The second type of person, the inner no and outer yes-sayer has a fundamentally different challenge. You are the majority of indigo souls. You are basically gentle people. You are not polarized in the solar plexus (the warrior, the fighter, the competitor), which is where previous soul groups that compose of humanity today have been focused; you are polarized in the heart. In that sense you are more respectful and gentle; you don't want conflict and you will try to avoid it. This brings one of your findamental challenges: In avoiding conflict, you often go along with things you don't agree with or things you don't feel comfortable with. You compromise. There becomes a division inside of you, a division between what you say and do on the outside and what you think and feel on the inside, your deeper knowing, your truth sense.
This is one of the areas of challenge for you as an Indigo Soul. Society today is built on the Piscean Age. One of the downsides of this age is the predominance of masks and roles that hide the inner feelings and the deeper authenticity. And you, like all of us, need to get along with people; you have basic security, love, and communication needs that must be met. The result is you end up playing roles or wearing masks that are necessary for survival in this society, But these masks never feel right. These roles are too limiting.
Some Indigo Souls ca do this, and yet while doing it, can keep in contact with the essential inside. But many of you lose contact with your deeper self. You adapt -- but now there is a division -- and your essence retreats. The result is that you live in a kind of an ongoing identity crisis. You may play the role but never feel quite comfortable in it, or you might even function well in the role (because you have a lot of brightness and creativity tha comes through it), but somehow you are not really nurtured by it.
Many of you will take on the role because it is necessary, but underneath your rebellious spirit fights against the falseness and restrictiveness of it, and may sabotage it. This is a big theme for many Indigo Souls: How are you sobataging the roles or situations that you are in?
Because of all these dynamics with false roles, masks, and identity, many Indigo Souls are striggling with their identity in society, with success, and with outer accomplishments. Either you can't play the role, or you can't find a role that you are willing to play, or you are playing the role but are fighting and sabotaging it.
So one of the major teachings for Indigo Souls is the right meaning of Freedom and individuality. There are different levels:
1. There is freedom-against or rebellion-against. For example, I might be against repressive society, or i might be against authoritive control. That is the first level.
2. The next level is different: Instead of freedom against it is freedom for. It has to do with "what do you value?" Instead of being against something, you are seeking to create something new that is of value to you. You are living for your vision.
3. Ultimately, there is an even higher level of freedom: the freedom to be your real self. It is the freedom from the limiting aspects of your personality structure. Then, no matter the limitations of the outside world, you are always free in your consciousness."

That's just part 1 of 8. But boy, this describes parts of me to a perfect T. The other aspects are also addressed int he book; it felt like someone had been peeping in on my life and knew everything aout me. It was weird.

Stay true. Stay free. Stay safe.

--Hero Boy
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PostSubject: Re: Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become   Fri May 17, 2013 4:19 pm


Vision is one of the deepest notes reverberating in the Indigo Souls. You have a deep sense of carrying something "new," carrying something that you feel is a "better" way, a more life-affirmative way. You aspire toward a higher possibility. You have probably been seeing possibilities since you were very young.

Perhaps as a child you were always asking "Why should we do it this way; it seems limiting; it seems disrespectful; why? I know there is a better way." You have sensed that there is a better way. And there is a better way! You may not have been supported when you talked of it. You may have felt like a lone voice crying out in the darkness, so you may have learned not to trust your insights, but, no matter how much you distrusted or fought against them, they didn't go away. This is the spirit of the New that is calling you.
Sometimes we don't see the New; we just feel frustrated with the Old. we don't know what the New is; we just feel locked in, restless, and dissatisfied. You look at society and it's institutions, organizations, and forms of relating and are keenly aware of the limits and restrictiveness of these forms. It is good that you see this because it keeps you from getting caught and ensnared into these collective forms. But this can also be destructive to you. Your mind can get caught in a negative loop. Then you see what's wrong but you don't look to see what can be made right. You focus on the problem instead of focusing on the solution.
If this is the case for you, then look deeper. Your dissastisfaction is because something of the spirit is imprisoned and not flowing. You sense there can be something better, freer, more liberated and life supportive. Your challenge is to look for the new possibilities and what is a next better step: to find your Vision and then to act and to become creative--to become communicative and expressive of your Vision.
This is very challenging. It is one of the greatest challenges to follow your heart, your vision, and your spirit, especially in the face of non-understanding from others or outright adversity. In so many ways, when you come forward with your vision you get cut down. You may be told to "stop dreaming," "get real," "get your feet on the ground," "come live in the real world," and "stop being naive"; so many negative messages ar ecommunicated to you verbally or non-verbally. Occasionally you get support and find resonance, but to a great extent you don't.
Remember that you are here as an agent of change. You are here to begin to live and embody; in your own life, in your own way of Being, something New. And you are here to express that to others in a respectful way. It takes courage.
Bright souls; visionary souls, have always been coming into incarnation. These are the souls who were burnt at the stake and who were persecuted by the Inquisition. So in the collective racial memory, there is a deep fear of the new vision that you carry inside you. This fear of persecution sits deep in your cells. In many ways this is one of the greatest fears that you need to overcome. Your vision and your truth have been life-threatening in the past, and your protection system is deeply threatened by them.
And yet, we probably live now, at least in the Western part of the world, in the most open and liberal society that may have ever existed. A wise woman in the past who worked with herbs, energy, and healing would hae been called a witch and burned; now she puts up a poster in a health food store and has a Website. It is a different age, a different time. There is a freedom and a permissiveness today that is wonderful. So the limits and fears that we have are based on racial memory more than on reality now. That doesn't deny that in some ways you are still a misfit and a stranger to many people around you. Although it might and probably will lead to a certain amount of rejection, non-understanding, ridicule, or separation, it's not life threatening. You can handle it.
And more than handle it: It is your challenge and your responsibility to become the builder of your vision. First, above all else, is to honor the seeds of the New that you see inside. You carry many, many pictures and images of new ways of being. It is as if your soul has a blueprint of the full flowering of possibilities that are seeiking to unfold at this time within human beings.You have a sense of a new way of being psychologically and spiritually healthy; a new way of relating with the body, with nature, with material objects. You see new forms of relationships; new forms of communication; new forms of work, career, and making money; new understandings of power; new forms of society. You have ideals of a new medicine, a new education, a new form of family, government, and so forth. And I want to say to you clearly: You are not a dreamer with your head in the sky. What you carry is a recognition of something that is held in the inner world as a blueprint of a whole new way of living, and of being.
It is as if you are a seed that has written into your genetic blueprint what kind of flower or tree you should become. Your sense of this blueprint is very real in your inner consciousness. In some ways, it is probably one of the most powerful forces in your life. Just to eximplify this, try to imagine giving up your dreams and living a traditional, conservaive life without any higher meaning or purpose. You cannot!
That is the force of the New; that is the force of the Vision calling you. You are a visionary. Listen to your vision and trust it. Give it space in your feelings and thoughts; give it space in your actions, in your relationships, and in what you say. Through doing so you are evolving the world! You are building new thought forms into the dimension of thought that surrounds the planet. Recognize your potency as a builder. You, together with many others, are building new frequencies, new paradigms, and inner energy states, and later those energies will take outer forms and structures.
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PostSubject: Re: Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become   Sun May 19, 2013 6:21 pm

I find this post to be extremely fascinating.

Nice work there HB.

DarkShadow Rising...
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PostSubject: Re: Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become   Mon May 20, 2013 12:25 am

Thanks. Smile

Here's the next part:


One of the other areas that is of prime importance to you is what I would call "an intuitive sense of truth". You have a sense of what the inner core of things is. For example, a person may be saying hello, and smiling and behaving nicely, but you may sense that that person is putting on a mask and is in pain inside. You may see that a person is behaving generously, but sense that underneath the person is being manipulative or tricky. This "truth sense" runs deep in you. You have a love of truth. When truth is there it has a kind of clean and pure sound that you feel in your body and that makes your spirit rejoice.
The challenge that you face is that we live in a world of deceptions and lies. We live in a society that is based on appearances, not on truth. We are brought up as children to behave in a certain way and to show a certain face. The result is that many of us have to repress our truth sense. We have to repress our own feelings. Maybe we feel uncomfortable about something that is happening, but to handle the situation without extra friction we have to smile and make nice aout it.
One of the greatest losses that happen to us is that many of us disconnect, at least on the conscious level, from our Truth Sense. Perhaps we get caught in the way we should behave, or in the way we have been taught to behave. Or perhaps we put on blinders. We may see the good in other people, but our filters are blocking us from seeing the destructive patterns that person is carrying, with the result that we get hurt.
We do not want to see things that are not so comfortable. And that is our challenge: to see that there is both light and dark. Human beings carry within them a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from some very very bright and wonderful spiritual dimensions to some very dark, dense, and frightening energies. Most of us have learned to not see the darkness, but it is there. It is opperative and having it's effects. So an important part of your challenge is to have the courage to open your eye; your third eye, to see the truth of what is. And that means in yourself as well.
We don't want to see the darkness in ourselves. Many of us are also afraid to see the light in ourselves because it means we might stand out. We are afraid to acknowledge our intelligence, our strength, our vision, our love, and our spirituality.
Seeing the truth is wonderfully refreshing. If you see a problem and you look it in the eye, then you know what the problem is and you can do something about it. If you deny a problem, and make nice and gloss over it, all you've done is pushed it under the carpet where it festers and creates more problems.
The same is true on the opposite side. If you are dealing with truth, you are dealing with what is real in the depths of yourself and the other person. In a sense, truth equals intimacy, because, if you are iny our truth, and the other is in his or her truth, then there is a meeting of the inner with the inner, instead f a meeting of the mask that veils with the mask of the other that veils, as is normally the case. How can intimacy happen between masks? It is like two knights in medieval armor trying to hug each other. How intimate can you get when you are behind a wall of armor and protection?
So, as Indigo Souls, you are entering a new dimension of relating: a dimension based on honesty, on real communication. And to become real means to put your armor and your masks away, and let yourself be seen and become more vulnerable. So truth, honesty, intimacy, vulnerability are all deeply woven together. You are seeking this form of relating, and nothing else will satisfy you.

--Hero Boy
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PostSubject: Re: Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become   Mon May 20, 2013 3:28 am

THE NEED TO GROW [another one freakily similiar are to me]

Your Truth Sense is connected to one of the deepest needs and longings of all Indigo Souls: Your desire and calling to grow. You are blessed, and cursed with a perpetual sense of dissatisfaction with who you are and what the world is. One part of you is always, always aware that you can be more--more loving, more in your energy, more sensitive, more powerful, more, more, more--in a thousand different ways more. And that is true. Your soul is calling you to be more. Your soul is stretching you to be more. In so many ways you are constantly working on yourself, challenging yourself, and pushing yourself to be more.
We describe it as a blessing and a curse because, on one hand, the blessing is that through this stretching you are becoming more. In the processyou are giving birth to yourself, giving birth to a whole new way of being, giving birth to a new humanity. So your calling and your urge to grow is, in many ways, the greatest,the greatest contribution you can make to the buildng of the New Humanity.
But the curse is that you are so often not satisfied with yourself. There are two wonderful inner sub-personalities, the Critic and the Perfectionist, that get in gear and beat you up for not being perfect. And they pull in a third sub-personality called the Pusher that then drives you remorselessly to be more. In the old society, the force of the Pusher was focused on achievement in the world, on having outer success. For Indigo Souls, the Pusher is about becoming spiritually more. You may not care that much about having great outer success and millions of dollars (Of course you wouldn't mind it if you had it! And for many of us, our inner growth is intimately woven with outer success.), but instead you care about authenticity, having a more open heart being more in your energy, being more in truth, being more connected, and on, and on.
So your task is to learn the wonderful art of what they call in Zen "Wu Wei": the art of doing, without doing; working without working; being totally in your energy and totally relaxed. That means trying to build a new world and seeing a future that is wonderful, and giving 100% of your energy to create it, and at the same time not being attached and being in acceptance of what is right now. We are learning to accept and enjoy what is and with all it's limits and imperfections even while working to change it.

Hero Boy speaking: They pretty much just listed my "alters!" XD I'm thinkin the doc was wrong about DID; it hasn't happened in a long time though; but I still feel like I'm learning. I think my brain just figured out a better system for me. Freaky man...XD

Stay true Stay free Stay safe
Hero Boy
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PostSubject: Re: Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become   

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Indigo Adults: Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become
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