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 Dark Ghost Blog post 1

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PostSubject: Dark Ghost Blog post 1   Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:26 pm

Dark Ghost of Chattanooga TN

Greetings to those reading this I am Dark Ghost the Masked Detective. I am a member of the Real Life Super Hero Community on the Heroes Network and I am in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Now what I do is I patrol the street and parks of Chattanooga, I investigate the unsolved crimes of the city. The Chattanooga Police have many good cops but they are still outnumbered by the gangs, drug dealers, murderers, sexual predators, and muggers. Thieves who walk in to stores with guns to steal the money in the cash drawer and break into people's homes to just take what they want. I have watch the crime rate in the city slowly rise now I can no longer just stand by so I have put together a uniform, bought the gear that I needed and got a mask. Now I haunt Chattanooga's streets, alleys, and it's parks. I will see that these criminals are brought to justice, be a friend to the people of the city, and an ally to it's Police. I will watch over the city of Chattanooga from the darkness. I will do my work under the cover of the night. I will strike hard and fast then fade into the shadows. I want a Chattanooga where kids can play in the parks and their parent's do not have to fear someone will take their children. I want Chattanooga to be a place where families can feel safe in their homes again. I want a Chattanooga people can walk down the streets without fear. I am skilled in Martial arts, I have knowledge of first aid, and I have studied Criminal Justice. I do not use lethal weapons and I also carry a variety of tools.

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Dark Ghost Blog post 1
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